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Never Love/Hate a Programming Language

Every language is good at something. Your taste, experience and objectives are NOT the absolute truth. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its a shitty language and just because you love it does not make it a great language either.

In my career I have worked on projects that required a number of programming languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Dart, Python, C#, and VB.NET I have learned never to be loyal to a language or framework. I have seen people try to develop desktop applications using PHP (I kid you not), even if it is technically possible this is a classic case of using a hammer for everything. On another extreme case some nerd was bragging that he uses C for everything and was making websites with it, technically its possible but is it really necessary. Programmers should understand that “they are not paid to suffer”, programmers are paid to make solutions, so next time when the client needs a website done be like me (YES ME!) and use WordPress because it gets the job done despite the unjustified hate it is subjected to.

Case of Java and C#

Programmers tend to hate languages due to their ignorance, the bandwagon effect and past unpleasant experience. I have to confess I never really liked Java or C# in the past but I always reminded myself to swallow my pride and use them on projects that required heavy lifting. If you are space nerd like me C# and Java is equivalent to NASA’s Saturn V Rocket its very powerful but the power comes with costs

C# and Java are like the mighty NASA Saturn V, they lift heavy

Case for PHP

From my experience PHP is one awesome technology but it is haunted by its past just like JavaScript. The language inconsistencies can be worrying but it is something one can get used to. Comparing it to C# and Java, PHP does not do well with heavy loads. Using the space nerd analog PHP is alike SpaceX Falcon 1, its a low cost solution that gets the job done in the simplest way possible which is a nightmare in Java and/or C#

PHP is like SpaceX Falcon 1, its not that powerful but it gets the job done.

Case for JavaScript

JavaScript has been a target of ridicle on the internet because of its weird syntax and new framworks which are released hourly (Nuxt.js, Nest.js, Next.js).Some years back JavaScript is one language I used out of necessity, It was a nightmare to work with but I had to endure because it was the best in its domain. Typescript has made JavaScript development better but JavaScript has also complicated simple tasks. Imagine needing 500mb of node modules just to run a hello world app, should we hate that? No, should we love that? No, we should be indifferent and go with the flow.

Final Thought

When it comes to programming languages nothing is perfect you have to embrace the strength and shortcomings of language and learn when it is appropriate to use one language over another.

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